Home Office Makeover!

I am so grateful that my work allows me to work from home. Before COVID 19, I was able to work from home 1-2 days a week. Now with the pandemic, that has changed to permanently working from home.

For some reason, my work laptop has connectivity issues my Wifi so I have to connect manually to my internet router. Because of this, I had to work on the couch with my laptop. This was okay for 1 or 2 days a week but to do this everyday? It was getting extremely uncomfortable and really wasn’t good for my back.

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Why babywearing is so important to me

When I had my baby, I learned veeeery quickly that my little man liked to be held. 24-7. Awake or asleep, in sun or in rain.

It got tiring.

I needed a break. My arms needed a break and I was crazy sleep deprived. I researched different carriers and I was initially obsessed with getting a structured baby carrier. My little fig didn’t love the little cheapo backpack carrier we had so I looked into ring slinging.

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Create a custom keepsake ornament!

I never realized how easy it would be to create my own custom ornament.

I was inspired to make my own when I saw custom ornaments for sale on the Facebook marketplace and the seller wasn’t responding to my messages. I reached out to someone else on Etsy but they only had glass ornaments! I have a toddler that loves throwing everything… including my phone! I needed something shatterproof.

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Tips for traveling with a 1 year old


I don’t know how we did but we survived our first trip with our baby. We boarded five flights (I’m including our connecting flights) and somehow maintained our sanity.

I’ll admit it, I was terrified of flying with a baby. All I could do was imagine how difficult it would be to be traveling with a baby. I agonized for hours over what to pack and pored over articles, praying and hoping for some secret formula.

Here’s the secret formula….

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Easy DIY cleaner (only 3 ingredients!)

It’s crazy to see how many products are one time use and then we just throw them away. I’ve been slowly rethinking one time use products… I’m even rethinking cleaning products! Certain cleaning products can contribute to indoor air pollution.

I’ve made an easy cleaner using only 3 ingredients!

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Reflecting on 2018

I talked to some people who were really thankful to be done with 2018. For me 2018 has been such an amazing year of growth and love.

2018 I became a mother.

2018 I learned to love another person more than I love myself.

2018 we became a little family

…. and I wouldn’t change it for anything else.