Our home inspiration


One of the greatest challenges when you move to a new home is finding a way to make the space uniquely yours. Another challenge is finding a style and aesthetic that you and your husband loves! Prior to living with my husband, I loved the French shabby chic look or country chic look that had plenty of bright whites and lacy details. I thought it was dainty and pretty, my husband thought it was frilly and over the top.

I’ve developed a love and appreciation for the mid century modern look. The use of beautiful wood and clean lines just appealed to me and luckily, for my husband too! The MCM look was masculine but “clean” enough for me to add details that were feminine for me that I could switch out on a whim.

I cannot wait to really transform this (previously) unloved home and just let it shine. I can’t wait to write more and to show readers little projects we’ve done around the house!

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