Wipouch mini review

I’m so excited to receive my Wipouch Mini in the mail recently.

If you’re a mom like me, you probably love having hand wipes with you to quickly wipe down your baby or dirty shopping carts. With all the cute baby products that are out now, why is the packaging for hand wipes such eyesores?!

I researched the brand extensively and I was drawn to cute designs and the sleekness of the package. I also love that it’s made without any BPA, phthalate, and is lead and PVC free! This is great news for the mom or dad that is worried about exposing their baby to dangerous chemicals. So I made my order and waited anxiously for my Wipouch to come all the way from Australia.


The low down:

The mini holds up to 30 wipes and the detachable strap is so useful to snap onto your stroller! I’ve attached it on my baby carrier in case I needed it while going on a walk with my little guy.

I can’t verify yet if it comfortably holds up to 30 wipes I have put about 10-15 wipes in and it does look like it’ll fit a few more. I have to say, the slim design makes for an easier fit in any diaper bag.

I also like the material, since it’s not in the crinkly packaging so it’s a lot quieter for me to grab a wipe from the wipouch. Anyone with a sleeping baby will understand how important this is!

What other uses do you recommend using your Wipouch for?


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