How I pack my diaper bag

I’m debating whether or not I should also do a video showing my bag. I think it would be easier to show exactly how my bag is packed and where I pack everything. It will definitely be on my to do list!

My current diaper bag is the Miss Fong convertible bag in gray (I have to say this – it’s definitely beige, not gray). I was drawn to it because of its beautiful design, roomy interior, and it’s supposed to more lightweight than the much more expensive Fawn Design.

My bag has net pockets on the interior that I use to pack extra clothes in case of a baby blow out (not much of an issue now that Baby Fig has started solids).

The last two pockets hold my extra diapers and my baby wipes.

I have two Truffle pouches in gray. One holds my hand sanitizer, baby lotion, and diaper cream. The smaller one is perfect for holding my mommy must haves for me.

My wristlet and iPhone fits perfectly in the outside side pockets while my wipouch mini fits in the outside front pocket.

Even with this bag packed, I have enough room to bring a swaddle cloth or a ring sling or both.

As a breastfeeding mama, I’m thankful I don’t need to bring bottles with me or pack formula. I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to sustain my baby with what I have.

I would love to see how other mommies organize their bags!

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