Easy DIY cleaner (only 3 ingredients!)

It’s crazy to see how many products are one time use and then we just throw them away. I’ve been slowly rethinking one time use products… I’m even rethinking cleaning products! Certain cleaning products can contribute to indoor air pollution.

I’ve made an easy cleaner using only 3 ingredients!

How To:

I used lemon peels, dried lavender, and regular ole vinegar! I will let the lavender and lemon steep for a week or two before I dilute with water to use around the house. Ideally, you would want to dilute 1:1 ratio or 1:2 ratio (vinegar solution to water).


  1. I like to use vinegar to clean the kitchen sink.
  2. It’s excellent to use when your kitchen disposal gets that funky odor.
  3. It’s also awesome to wipe down your microwave and fridge.
  4. It’s also great to use in the bathroom in the tub or toilet bowl or sink or on the glass mirror.

I hate the smell of vinegar so using lemon peels and lavender will help with the vinegar smell.

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