Create a custom keepsake ornament!

I never realized how easy it would be to create my own custom ornament.

I was inspired to make my own when I saw custom ornaments for sale on the Facebook marketplace and the seller wasn’t responding to my messages. I reached out to someone else on Etsy but they only had glass ornaments! I have a toddler that loves throwing everything… including my phone! I needed something shatterproof.

I decided to order these plain white ornaments from Amazon that were shatterproof.

I ordered these custom labels from this amazing vendor from Etsy who had them shipped out so quickly! If I had a cricut, then I would make my own labels. They’re a little bit of an investment so in the meantime I don’t mind outsourcing.

I found the most adorable white plaid ribbon bows at Walmart that was the final touch to these ornaments.

Full disclosure: I’m currently boycotting Walmart for the rest of the holiday season, so I will link other similarly cute options. I bought these ribbons before I found out that Walmart doesn’t compensate their employees more for working on Thanksgiving or Christmas.

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