Clear pouches for the win!

As you can from my previous posts, I am obsessed with clear pouches.

When I saw these pouches being touted as dupes for Truffle pouches, I was intrigued. I ordered a large set from Amazon for $16.35. They come in 3 sizes – small, medium, and large. Each set comes with 6 pouches.

I had been using gallon sized zip loc bags and I was unhappy with how disorganized my make up drawer had begun to look. I used 2 pouches for my sons’ things and 4 pouches to organize my cosmetics.

I sorted them by the following categories and made labels.

⁃ Eyes

⁃ Lips

⁃ Face

⁃ Nails

For organization purposes, I love the result! The bags are more structured than ziploc bags which makes it easier to grab the items that I need.

Are these truffle pouch dupes?

Short answer… it depends. They provide clear pouches but they’re less structured than my truffle pouches. The truffle pouches hold less items but it will lay flat for the most part. The clear plastic used by Truffle is made with biodegradable TPU which is more environmentally friendly than PVC. TPU is also odorless. The bags do stick to each other, even my truffle pouches will get stuck together unfortunately. Based on the price point, these do make good substitutes and come as a set, so the organization opportunities are endless!

Large clear pouch with small Truffle clarity pouch (gray) in front.

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