Why babywearing is so important to me

When I had my baby, I learned veeeery quickly that my little man liked to be held. 24-7. Awake or asleep, in sun or in rain.

It got tiring.

I needed a break. My arms needed a break and I was crazy sleep deprived. I researched different carriers and I was initially obsessed with getting a structured baby carrier. My little fig didn’t love the little cheapo backpack carrier we had so I looked into ring slinging.

Ring slinging isn’t for the faint of heart. I must’ve watched over a dozen YouTube videos on the subject. I practiced with my little fig daily. It got easier but it definitely took a lot of time and a lot of patience. I did get my freedom and mobility back but it’s still pretty limited.

I now have a collection of ring slings. They not only help hold my most precious possession, it also helped me feel more fashionable as a tired hapless first time mother. Babywearing let me keep my little one close to my heart. It provides comfort to my baby and provides a sense of security.

We now also wear him in a soft structured carrier that’s also certified hip healthy. It’s amazing to see how he falls fast asleep in it, it just melts me.

Sometimes, my little fig feels a little heavy but I just remember he’s not going to be this little for very long.

Make sure any baby carrier you purchase meets CSPC guidelines. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Have a friend or family member help you out if you need it. Join a Facebook group so you can get help with fit checks or learn little tips and tricks.

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