Smilo unboxing and review

Smilo unboxing and review

Hi all! I can’t believe how busy it has been. From moving and having a baby, I couldn’t find the time! Anyways, I’ve been dying to write this post for awhile and I’m excited to share this product I’ve found.

I recently bought the newborn bundle from Smilo in preparation of the arrival of my little one. I bought the smallest set since I didn’t want to buy too many bottles just in case my little guy didn’t take to the bottles.

What really drew me to the company was the fact that the products were designed by engineers and those in the medical field. It made me really comfortable with purchasing their products for my little one. On top of that, I loved the aesthetics and all the fun colors! How could I resist? I could truly buy a bottle in a color I like. There are four different colors to choose from – purple, blue, orange, or pink.

The newborn bundle comes with 3 bottles, 3 pacifiers (0-3 months), 3 newborn pacifiers, additional bottle nipples, 2 bottle brushes, a blanket, and pacifier clip.

The bundle came nicely packaged and came in a large reusable bag! I love the bag and have been using it around the house so it has come in pretty handy.

As for the bottle, I’ve had no issues with it so far. Little Leo has been nursing really well with these and we have no complaints so far. I’ve actually put in another order for more bottles so we can have more in rotation!

My ultimate favorite item in this set thought , is the newborn pacifier. According to the Smilo website, the pacifier is “is the leading design on the market that helps prevent cross-bite […] and encourages development of suck, swallow and breathe mechanisms. The three support arches in the nipple ensure it expands vs collapses, providing the proper fit and promoting straight smiles in your developing baby”.The newborn pacifier is made with medical grade materials and my baby took to it right away. The first pacifier we received was from the hospital and was much to big for his little mouth. This pacifier fits his mouth perfectly. They currently have a special going on until June 18th for Fathers Day – be sure to use the code DADDYDAY10 to save 10% on orders more than $30! Check out their website here.What recent baby purchase have you made that you absolutely loved? Please share!

Things I wish I knew before getting pregnant

Things I wish I knew before getting pregnant


As I’m in my 9th month of pregnancy, I’m really surprised at how quickly time went by.

I was really amazed at my body and what my body is capable of doing. It’s incredible that my body is able to help create and sustain life for 9 months. As I’m approaching my due date, I can’t stop thinking about all the things they don’t really tell you about being pregnant.


  1. Your OB/GYN isn’t really going to educate you about pregnancy or dealing with your newborn. That’s how it is in the U.S. at least. You’re expected to learn on your own. They do ask if I have questions but sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know.
  2. Having a doula is *a must*. I haven’t even had my kiddo yet and I firmly feel this way. I’ve talked to other women who’ve had doulas and have heard nothing but amazing things. My package with my doula also included classes which I found incredibly enlightening. I really feel as if my body is strong and powerful and capable of so much.
  3. People are going to comment on your body. A lot. It’s kind of weird but everyone becomes fascinated and fixated on my overall appearance. It makes me a little uncomfortable when I was being compared to other coworkers that were/are pregnant. I’m just trying to make a little person, y’all. No need to critique our growing bellies in the process.
  4. People are going to share your good news, especially if you don’t want them to.  I was really frustrated with how there is zero respect for privacy. In the beginning, this was a big deal to me and I wanted to keep our news private until we got through the first trimester. My husband told one person who told his entire family in a span of minutes (maybe I’m exaggerating but that’s what it felt like). I felt really exposed and was initially really unhappy. I really wanted to savor the moment and wrap my head around this life changing, earth shattering news. Once I was ready to share, I was much happier with telling everyone but I really wish my husband and I were on the same page before he started telling everyone.